Residents Activities


The home runs a full and varied activities programme by our activities coordinators with oversight from a diversional therapist.

Cheering and clapping is often heard in the main lounge where bowls and quoits are played, and entertainers play and sing.

Groups gather in the Happy Hour lounge for games, current favourites are bingo, scrabble and rummikub.

Exercises for maintaining mobility and balance are offered 5 days a week.

This is also where hand and nail care, church, craft, cooking, discussing the news, adult colouring, quiz and crosswords all can be enjoyed.

An appointment with the in-house hairdresser is available once a week, plus facial, massage and pedicure requirements can be arranged.

Walks around the complexes garden and central garden often result in a bit of flower arranging.

TV and music are playing throughout the day, a favourite in the Hospital lounge.

Plus, there is a quiet sunny room where Residents can enjoy meeting with visitors or just enjoying the warmth of the sun on a winters day.

If you are an animal fan we also have pet therapy.

Changes in both local and surrounding areas are often discussed during our van trips which range from visits to cafes, a drive and a picnic, shopping to a fishing trip.

A copy of the current month events is available

We enjoy active participation from local community volunteers in many of our day to day activities and outings.

"Mum was dressed nicely, with her hair neat and tidy and it was really nice to see Mum making progress. I complimented the staff on their new uniform tunics, they are really lovely."