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Mothers Day

Posted in News on 16 May, 2020

The Residents had a wonderful High tea to celebrate Mother's Day. Beautiful pink and gold crepe flowers decorated the areas. There was such a variety of different assortments of coffee, herbal and normal tea and even sparkling grape juice, which proved to be quite a hit. Old time music played in the back ground. All in all it became a highlight in the lock up days and the Residents are still talking about it.

Hetherington House, blog post, New Uniforms, New Uniforms - The staff showing off their new uniforms.

New Uniforms

Posted in News on 23 January, 2020

The staff showing off their new uniforms. They not only look great but are light weight and drip dry.  The staff suffered last year with their heavy uniforms in the heat of the summer.  This summer should be more comfortable for them.

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Ginger Bread House Donated

Posted in News on 20 January, 2020

This lovely Ginger Bread House was donated to the Residents for Christmas. It was made by the Waihi Beach Bakery for a raffle. The winner then donated the House to us.

Hetherington House, blog post, Knitting blankets for the SPCA, Knitting blankets for the SPCA - SPCA receiving the knitted blankets from the Residents of Hetherington House.

Knitting blankets for the SPCA

Posted in News on 20 January, 2020

The Residents made sure that the SPCA animals were kept warm last winter by knitting blankets for them